Thanksgiving 12-pack


Thanksgiving 12-pack


12 bottles of great wine made to go with all your Thanksgiving day food.  We've got it at a crazy discount that brings it to $215 including tax.  If you'd like it shipped to wherever you are having Thanksgiving, we can do that too!  We are here to help you get through the holidays.


Wines included:

Andrea Calek A Tois Nous

Jean Max Roger Menetou-Salon

Loxarel Amaltea

Etienne Boilleau Chablis

4 kilos Motor America

Bodegas Ponce Clos Lojen

Monte Bernardi Fuoristrada Sangiovese

Domaine Jousset Exilé Pet-Nat Rosé

Domaine Bedouet Muscadet Sevre et Maine

Foggy Ridge Serious Cider

Cantina di Sorbara Lambrusco di Sorbara L'Onesta

Xavier Benier Beaujolais Villages 'XB'


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